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Biodiversity is valuable partly because it
a) gives us interesting things to look at.
b) tells us about many other species.
c) contributes to medicine and agriculture.
d) provides humans with resistance to disease.

Introduced species can threaten biodiversity because they can
a) cause desertification.
b) cause biological magnification.
c) crowd out native species.
d) reduce the amount of fertile land.

One of the greatest threats today to biodiversity is
a) old-growth forests
b) ozone depletion.
c) altered habitats.
d) none of the above

The first step to using ecology to solve environmental problems is to
a) ban the burning of fossil fuels.
b) close businesses that pollute.
c) use alternative fuels.
d) identify the problem

A place where significant numbers of species and habitats are in immediate danger of extinction
a) ecological footprint
b) ecological hotspot
c) renewable resource
d) nonrenewable resource

Biodiversity's benefits to society include contributions to:
a) medicine
b) agriculture
c) provision of ecosystem goods and services
d) all of the above

Compounds combine with water vapor in the air to form nitric acid and sulfuric acid, forming _______
a) acid rain
b) renewable resources
c) nonrenewable resources
d) coal

Things that can be bought or sold, that have value in terms of dollars and cents
a) goods
b) services
c) renewable resources
d) nonrenewable resources

Processes or actions that produce goods
a) goods
b) services
c) renewable resources
d) nonrenewable resources

Humans affect regional and global environments through
a) agriculture
b) development
c) industry
d) all of the above

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