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The Sepoy Mutiny was caused by
a) animal fat and lard that was on the rifle cartridges used by the Sepoy troops
b) the traditional hostility between Muslims and the Buddhist majority.
c) British tax policies in India.
d) friction between the Sepoy troops and their Mongol and European commanders.

The Suez Canal linked the Mediterranean Sea and the ____.
a) Pacific
b) Atlantic
c) Black Sea
d) Red Sea

A major goal of David Livingstone’s explorations was to find a
a) cure for the many diseases in Africa
b) unknown territory
c) cure for the many diseases in Asia
d) way to convert natives to Islam

By 1914 only ____ and ____ remained free states in Africa.
a) Liberia, Kenya
b) Ethiopia, Liberia
c) Kenya, Algeria
d) Nigeria, Ethiopia

Indirect rule in Africa had all these unfortunate features EXCEPT
a) the old African elite were kept in power.
b) the creation of tribal tensions.
c) British administrators made all major decisions.
d) the disruption of local customs and institutions.

What was the “white man’s burden”?
a) the belief that Europeans had a moral responsibility to civilize primitive peoples
b) the idea that bigger, stronger Europeans could carry more baggage
c) the crowded urban living conditions created by the Second Industrial Revolution
d) Survival of the fittest

Which of the following led a movement for independence in the Philippines?
a) Albert Beveridge
b) King Chulalongkorn
c) Commodore George Dewey
d) Emilio Aguinaldo

President Millard Fillmore sent a naval expedition to Japan to
a) conquer the islands around Japan
b) force Japan to trade with the United States
c) convince Japan to become an American protectorate.
d) bring Western civilization to Japan.

How can you relate DMX to Teddy Roosevelt?
a) They both led the Rough Ryders
b) They both were PHAT!!
c) They were both G's
d) They could rap really well!!

What ship exploded in Havana Harbor causing the Spanish American War
a) USS McCkinley
b) USS Roosevelt
c) USS Havana
d) USS Maine

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