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. The Fair Labor Standards Act, passed in 1938, helped American workers by
a) banning the closed shop
b) creating universal health insurance
c) establishing a federal minimum wage
d) ending the outsourcing of American jobs

A major reason that President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed adding Justices to the Supreme Court in 1937 was to
a) make the Court processes more democratic
b) end corruption and favoritism in handling cases
c) influence Court decisions related to New Deal programs
d) ensure the appointment of members of minority groups

During the Great Depression, one way New Deal programs tried to stimulate economic recovery was by
a) raising tariff rates
b) increasing interest rates
c) lowering the minimum wage
d) creating public works jobs

During the 1920s, much of the debt accumulated by consumers was due to
a) installment buying of manufactured goods
b) overproduction of farm products
c) long strikes by labor unions
d) raising income taxes

The economic boom of the 1920s was fueled in part by
a) government subsidies paid to farmers
b) increased investment in the stock market
c) tariff reductions on European goods
d) construction by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Women played a major role on the domestic front during World War II by
a) becoming candidates for public office
b) campaigning for woman’s suffrage
c) demonstrating against involvement in the war
d) D) taking jobs in the defense industry

After the end of World War II, many working women left their factory jobs because they were
a) fired from their jobs due to poor performance
b) unprepared for peacetime employment
c) forced to give up their jobs to returning war veterans
d) dissatisfied with their ‘ow wages

What was the main purpose of the GI Bill passed by Congress shortly before the end of World War II?
a) to offer low-interest loans to the defense industry
b) to provide economic aid to veterans
c) to contain the spread of international communism
d) to expand career opportunities in the military

One difference between World War II and the Vietnam War is that the Vietnam War
a) caused a significant amount of protest in the United States
b) ) involved direct armed conflict with China
c) was formally declared a war by Congress
d) D) was a decisive military victory for the United States

The domino theory was used by the United States as a justification for
a) participating in the Vietnam War (1960's- 1970's)
b) extending diplomatic recognition to the People's Republic of China (l979)
c) negotiating with Iran to release American hostages (1979-1980)
d) sending armed forces to the Middle East (1990-1991)

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