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1. When you see the similar bone structure in different animals, that is known as what?
a) A. embryological similarities
b) B. variation among species
c) C. Vestigial structures
d) D. Homologous structure

2. A structure that seems to serve no purpose in an organism is called:
a) A. comparative embryology
b) B. sexual selection
c) C. vestigial structure
d) D. homologous structure

3. A group of mice becomes separated by the formation of a river. Over time, the northern mice became smaller and whiter, while the southern mice became larger and browner. This is an example of:
a) A. geographic isolation
b) B. homologous structure
c) C. sexual selection
d) D. artificial selection

4. When humans domesticated dogs by choosing what traits they liked best, this is known as:
a) A. geographic isolation
b) B. homologous structure
c) C. sexual selection
d) D. artificial selection

5. Any variation that can help an organism in its environment is called:
a) A. adaptation
b) B. natural selection
c) C. competition
d) D. characteristic

6. A researcher sprays a new pesticide on thousands of insects. Only a few survive. What will the researcher begin to notice?
a) A. The insects will start dying
b) B. The insects will become more resistant
c) C. The pesticide never worked.
d) D. The researcher should use stronger pesticide

7. Which would most likely produce a mutation that is passed on to offspring
a) A. radiation changing the DNA sequence in skin cells
b) A change in your gametes causing a mutation
c) Tobacco smoking causing lung cancer
d) Chemicals altering your nerve function

What is the best form of evidence for evolution, according to scientists?
a) DNA and biochemical evidence
b) Physical characteristics
c) Diet
d) Location where found

What does comparative embryology show?
a) Where organisms are located
b) How developing organisms look different
c) How developing organisms look similar
d) How one organism has changed over time

a) x
b) x
c) x
d) x

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