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purse, The purse for winning the race was a gold coin.
a) prize
b) frame
c) wallet
d) sack

channel, The boat floated on the water in the channel.
a) canal
b) agent
c) route
d) instrument

adapt, The lizard is able to adapt to live in different enfironments.
a) change
b) shape
c) fit
d) arrange

a) flowed forth in a great amount
b) tricled slowly
c) dripped one drop at a time
d) ran dry after a short time

a) glimmering
b) blooming
c) condensing
d) multiplying

a) enemies
b) peasants
c) lawyers
d) apprentices

a) splendid
b) rugged
c) boring
d) miseralbe

a) plan of action
b) tool for writing
c) time to work
d) book to study

section, I want a large section of pecan pie, please.
a) piece
b) sample
c) area
d) zone

grant, The teacher will grant her students permission to go to the library.
a) give
b) own
c) drop
d) admint

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