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patrol, The new police officer will patrol the park.
a) guard
b) include
c) describe
d) clean

merchant, The merchant sold his goods at the market.
a) trader
b) peasant
c) descendant
d) bookkeeper

device, The scientist built a device to pick up trash.
a) piece of equimpent
b) type of garment
c) section of land
d) part of a plan

a) cancel
b) forge
c) disguised
d) appreciated

cautious, It is important to be cautious when crossing the street.
a) careful
b) clumsy
c) donfident
d) conscious

a) lasting only a short time
b) using invisible materials
c) costin bery little money
d) having a good flavor

a) benefits
b) solutions
c) instructions
d) celebrations

a) surrounded by
b) next to
c) ahead of
d) apart from

a) opposed
b) reflected
c) discussed
d) challenged

ridiculous, Alvin thought he looked ridiculous in the chipmunk costume.
a) silly
b) cold
c) invisible
d) handsome

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