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Under Maria Theresa, Austria's greatest enemy was
a) the Ottoman Empire.
b) Bohemia.
c) Prussia.
d) Hungary.

By the late 1700s, the best place to find a water frame and a spinning mule was in
a) inventor.
b) business person.
c) scientist.
d) personal secretary.

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A major reason for the colonists' victory over Britain was
a) superior weaponry.
b) military support from Italy.
c) a stronger motivation to fight.
d) more experienced generals.

How did the crop rotation system that developed in Britain during the agricultural revolution increase crop yields?
a) by allowing more land to rest
b) by increasing nutrients in the soil
c) by ensuring that more of the seeds that were planted actually sprouted
d) by decreasing the amount of land used to grow nutrient-depleting crops

The War of the Austrian Succession was fought over the possession of lands belonging to
a) Charles VI.
b) Maria Theresa.
c) Frederick II.
d) Ferdinand II.

The site for St. Petersburg was chosen because it was near
a) Moscow.
b) major roadways to Europe.
c) water routes to Europe.
d) Peter's favorite palace.

The first Russian ruler to adopt the title czar, meaning caesar, was
a) Ivan the Terrible.
b) Anastasia Romanov.
c) Michael Romanov.
d) Peter the Great.

The ruler of the new, unified German empire was given the title of
a) czar.
b) kaiser.
c) Junker.
d) reich.

Which of the following occurred last?
a) the end of the French and Indian War
b) the calling of the Second Continental Congress
c) the adoption of the Bill of Rights
d) the repeal of the Stamp Act

The first national government of the 13 individual states in North America was created by the
a) Navigation Acts.
b) Declaration of Independence.
c) Constitution.
d) Articles of Confederation.

The actions of the Congress of Vienna helped to generate an independence movement in
a) Africa.
b) Asia.
c) North America.
d) South America.

Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy after the conquest of
a) Venetia.
b) Piedmont-Sardinia.
c) the Papal States.
d) Lombardy.

The accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna included all of the following EXCEPT
a) signing the alliances that made up the Concert of Europe.
b) reinstating the royal families dethroned by Napoleon.
c) surrounding France with strong neighboring countries.
d) creating a balance of power among European nations.

Renaissance painters in Flanders, as in Italy, tended to produce work that was
a) formal and tightly structured.
b) idealistic.
c) realistic.
d) distorted.

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