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New” products that European nations sought to obtain from colonies in Africa and Asia in the
a) gold and silver.
b) cloves and pepper.
c) oil, tin and rubber
d) . tea, silk, and porcelain.

In the nineteenth century, imperialism
a) motivated Russia to seize Afghanistan and Burma in the 1860s.
b) was motivated by a desire to control markets as well as raw materials.
c) was denounced by all major European powers until 1874.
d) was notable for Britain’s advocacy of its practice of assimilation

a) was the only country in southwest Asia to avoid a takeover by the German Empire.
b) was the only predominantly Christian country in its region.
c) had its province of Burma seized by the British in 1894.
d) Remained independent because it Industrialized

Among the first British colonies in West Africa was
a) Libya
b) Nigeria
c) Gold Coast.
d) Etheopia

Muhammad Ali
a) was a native born Boer who came to rule his homeland.
b) modernized Egypt and extended its control over neighboring regions.
c) overthrew the Zulu power in the Middle East.
d) reaped great rewards from the construction of the Panama Canal.

David Livingstone
a) obtained great fame from his African missionary work.
b) was the first European to climb Mount Ararat.
c) personally put an end to the Zanzibar slave market with his “Green Band Army.”
d) discovered the source of the Suez Canal.

The Boers were predominantly of what ethnic background?
a) Dutch
b) Zulu
c) English
d) French

The Great Trek
a) was ordered by the French government.
b) took place before the Boers encountered the Egyptians.
c) was the northeastward advance of the Boers after the British take-over of the Cape Colony.
d) was a Zulu march led by their ruler named Shaka.

Which of the following pairs, naming the European power and its African holding, is not correct?
a) Germany – Congo
b) Italy – Angola
c) Belgium – Congo
d) France – Madagascar

By combining the old Cape Colony and Natal with the Boer Republics in 1910, the British created the
a) Zambezi Federation
b) Union of East Africa.
c) Union of South Africa.
d) Union of North Africa.

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