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If each person at a party will eat 3/8 of a pound of roast beef, and there will be 5 people at the party, how many pounds of roast beef will be needed?
a) 15/8 lb
b) 1 lb
c) 7/8 lb
d) 3 lb

John can make 1/2 of a pumpkin pie in 2 hours. How long does it take John to make 2 whole pumpkin pies
a) 8 Hours
b) 6 Hours
c) 4 Hours
d) 2 Hours

27 people are swimming in a pool. After some time, 1/3 of the swimmers left the pool to eat cake. How many people left the pool to eat cake?
a) 9 People
b) 3/27 People
c) 8 People
d) 27/24 People

Each athlete on the swim team can eat 3/4 of a pizza. If there are 7 people on the team, how much pizza is needed to fill up each athlete?
a) 6 Pizzas
b) 5 Pizzas
c) 4 Pizzas
d) 3 Pizzas

An ant needs to eat 1/10 a gram of sugar a day. How many grams do 8 ants need to eat in a day?
a) 8/10 Grams
b) 8 Grams
c) 9 Grams
d) 7/10 Grams

A chair company makes 64 chairs in 8 days. How many chairs can it make in 1 day?
a) 9 Chairs
b) 8 Chairs
c) 7 Chairs
d) 6 Chairs

(5/9) * 4 = ?
a) 9/9
b) 20/9
c) 10/9
d) 19/9

If each person at the dinner table will eat 1/4 of a pizza and there are 20 people. What is the exact amount of pizza that is needed?
a) 21/4
b) 20/4
c) 20/8
d) 16/7

81 people are involved in an all-out laser tag war. After an intense session, 3/9 of the players are remaining. Exactly how many players are still standing?
a) 81 People
b) 27 People
c) 54 People
d) 26 People

(9/11) * 12
a) 108
b) 108/11
c) 11
d) 109/11

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