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business dealing involving companies that do business in ONLY ONE state.
a) intrastate commerce
b) transactions
c) interstate commerce
d) business deals

Which of the following is NOT a level of government
a) Federal
b) Community
c) Local
d) State

Fire Protection is an example of what role of government?
a) Raising Revenue
b) Providing serviced for members of society
c) Buying goods and services
d) Regulating utilities and promoting competition

An agreement to exchange goods or services for something of value is called a
a) contract
b) memo
c) letter
d) receipt

Purely intangible, with no physical characteristics.
a) ownership
b) contract
c) license
d) intellectual property

The following is an example of intellectual property EXCEPT
a) patent
b) trademark
c) writing
d) copyright

How many elements must be included in a contract?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1

A word, letter, or symbol linked with a specific company or product.
a) Trademark
b) copyright
c) brand name
d) patent

A patent gives the inventor the sole right to make, use, or sell the item for how many years?
a) life
b) 20
c) 40
d) 5

Protects the creative work of authors, composers, and artists.
a) trademark
b) copyright
c) brand name
d) patent

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