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How many states had to approve an amendment to the Articles of Confederation?
a) a simple majority
b) all of them
c) two thirds
d) three fourts

Which leader of the Constitutional Convention is known as the
a) James Wilson
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Roger Sherman
d) James Madison

According to the _____________ plan, a state's population would determine the number of representatives it had in the legislature
a) Virginia
b) New Jersey
c) Connecticut
d) Georgia

According to the _____________ plan, states would have an equal amount of representatives in the legislature
a) Virginia
b) Connecticut
c) New Jersey
d) Georgia

The Great Compromise was also known as _____________________
a) The big agreement
b) Congress
c) The Connecticut Compromise
d) The Supreme Court

Which branch of government is responsible for making laws?
a) Judicial
b) Executive
c) Legislative
d) Federalist

The system where each branch of govt. has the ability to limit the power of the other branches is known as....
a) separation of powers
b) limitation of powers
c) branch monitoring
d) checks and balances

Why were the Articles of Confederation written?
a) to establish a national government
b) to write a Bill of Rights
c) To establish a new government for each colony
d) to establish a foreign policy

Which branch of government includes the president and carries out the laws?
a) judicial
b) legislative
c) executive
d) federal

Which branch of government interprets, or explains the laws?
a) judicial
b) executive
c) legislative
d) federal

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