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A _____ is the yield on long term (20 year) U.S government debt obligations.
a) t-bill rate
b) primate rate
c) treasury bond rate
d) discount rate

A ______ is the rate for deposits at savings institutions
a) mortgage rate
b) certification of deposit rate
c) corporate bone rate
d) treasury bond rate

The _____ rate is the rate bvanks make available to their best business customers, such as large corporation
a) primate
b) discount
c) t-bill
d) mortgage

____ is an increase in general level of prices
a) Inflation
b) Deflation
c) Unflation
d) Reflation

A _____ is a number that compares prices in one year with prices in some earlier base year.
a) consumer index
b) GDP
c) price index
d) gross nation product

This is a phase when unemployment begins to decrease and GDP begins to rise.
a) recession
b) prosperity
c) recovery
d) depression

This is the period that is marked by a long phase of high unemployment.
a) prosperity
b) recovery
c) depression
d) recession

________ is a period in which demand begins to decrease, unemployment begins to rise, and GDP growth slows.
a) Recession
b) depression
c) recovery
d) prosperity

_____ are recurring ups and downs of GDP.
a) inflation
b) business cycles
c) deflation
d) interest

This period is which most people want to work and are working
a) recession
b) prosperity
c) Recovery
d) despression

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