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What does a business have to make in order to stay open?
a) Ethics
b) Profit
c) Conflict of Interest
d) Conservation

Which act/agency accommodates individuals who are physically challanged in the workplace?
a) EPA
b) ADA
d) FDA

What is saving scarce natural resource?
a) Pollution
b) Ethics
c) Conservation
d) Social Responsibility

Which guideline should NOT be followed when considering the ethics of business situations?
a) Is the action legal?
b) Does it enhance the company image?
c) Does the action violate professional or company standards?
d) Who is affected by the action and how?

What is a benefit of soicial responsibility?
a) Improved quality of life in a community.
b) The enhancement of the company's image.
c) Reduced need for government action.
d) All of the above.

Which one is NOT a guideline to writing a Code of Ethics?
a) Determine how much money you can make.
b) Consider involving employees from all levels in the company.
c) Determine the purpose of the code.
d) Include information about how the code will be enforced.

What occurs when an action by a company or individual results in an unfair benefit?
a) Ethics
b) Social Responsibility
c) Business Ethics
d) Conflict of Interest

What is NOT an example of a non-renewable resource?
a) copper
b) wood
c) oil
d) iron ore

What are ethics?
a) Principles of morality or rules of conduct.
b) Rules about how businesses and employees ought to behave.
c) Set of rules for guiding the actions of employees.
d) A common concern in eithical decision-making.

What refers to the duty of a business to contribute to the well-being of a community?
a) Code of Ethics
b) Business Ethics
c) Social Responsibility
d) non-renewable resource

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