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what is a factory
a) Capital
b) human
c) natural
d) economic

reatil sales
a) durable non-durable sales
b) working
c) playing
d) ham

What is unemployment
a) Not working
b) working
c) N/A
d) N/A

What is productivity
a) sitting on the couch
b) playing a game on a computer
c) doing work
d) eating a steak

What is personal income
a) the amount a company makes
b) The amount a person makes
c) a non profit organization
d) fundraising group

What has the hIghest GDP
a) USA
b) china
c) mexico
d) dubai

What is gdp
a) giant dirt program
b) gross domestic product
c) Great dog productions
d) Gross dog point

What motivates you to work faster
a) money
b) food
c) presents
d) raise

What is rubebr made from
a) rubber tree
b) plastic
c) metal
d) grass

where is plastic made
a) factory
b) field
c) concrete place
d) online

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