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define supply curve
a) illustrates the relationship between the price of the product and the quantity businesses will supply
b) wrong answer
c) wrong answer
d) wrong answer

what is market price
a) the point where supply and demand are equal
b) wrong answer
c) wrong answer
d) wrong answer

what are the factors to determine a price
a) relationship between supply and demand
b) relationship between services and goods
c) net worth
d) interest

define competitors
a) businesses offering very similar products to the same customers.
b) sharing customer
c) natural resource
d) shower

define demand
a) quantity of one good or service
b) quality of the products
c) benefits of products
d) cons of products

define supply
a) quantity of a good or service that businesses are willing and allow to provide
b) quality of a products
c) product
d) quality of job

how many vocab words are in this section
a) 1
b) 3
c) 5
d) 7

which isn't a vocab word
a) gross
b) wrong answer
c) wrong answer
d) wrong answer

define consumer
a) a person who make goods
b) a person who sells goods
c) a person who buys goods and services
d) a person who sells services

define producer
a) organizations that determine prices of a product
b) lower price
c) higher prices
d) products

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