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an example of conservation is...
a) recycling
b) polluting
c) loitering
d) disposing of trash in the pond

non-renewable resources is a....
a) social responsibility
b) enviroment
c) resource that can be replaced
d) a natural resource that cant be replace when used up

an example of a renewable resource is...
a) Ag. products
b) water
c) coal
d) iron

what is an example of a non-renewable resource
a) gold
b) ag. products
c) plastic
d) glass

who has a code of ethics
a) businesses
b) homes
c) cars
d) farms

Business ethics are...
a) enhanced company image
b) reduced need for the government
c) set rules for guiding actions of employees or members of an organization
d) non- renewable resources

A code of ethics is designed to
a) meet government regulations
b) reduce operating costs of a company
c) provide guidelines for proper behavior
d) improve employee productivity

Ethics are...
a) principles of morality or rules of conduct
b) a set rules for guiding actions of employees or members of an orginization
c) a common benefit of socially responsible activities
d) enhanced company image

The americans with disabilities Act requires a company
a) provide training to people with disabilities
b) find ways to help workers who are physically challenged
c) hire a certain number of people with special needs
d) adapt products manufactured for special needs customers

AN example of a non-renewable resource would be?
a) solar energy
b) gold
c) agricultural products
d) a library book

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