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all of the following are an example of Capital Resources except:
a) Buildings
b) oil
c) Machinery
d) tools

Things that you can see and touch are?
a) Goods
b) Needs
c) Wants
d) Services

The people who produce goods and services are known as?
a) Laborers
b) producers
c) human resources
d) manufacuteres

Activies that are consumed at the same time they are produced are?
a) Products
b) Services
c) Goods
d) Needs

All of the following are examples of needs except:
a) money
b) clothing
c) Water
d) shelter

All of the following are types of Resources except:
a) Natural Resources
b) Capitol Resources
c) Service Resources
d) Human Resouces

Are the means through which goods and services are produced
a) Businesses
b) Economic Resources
c) Producers
d) Manufacturers

Things that you can see and touch
a) Wants
b) Goods
c) Services
d) Needs

Things that add comfort and pleasure to your life
a) Wants
b) Goods
c) Needs
d) Services

All resources have a _______ Supply
a) limited
b) endless
c) renewable
d) significant

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