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a type of literature that uses the sounds, rhythms, and meanings of words to describe the world in striking and imaginative ways
a) Poetry
b) Line
c) Stanza
d) Refrain

a single line of words in a poem
a) line
b) stanza
c) refrain
d) poetry

a group of lines
a) stanza
b) poetry
c) line
d) refrain

a line or group of lines that is repeated at regular intervals in a poem
a) refrain
b) poetry
c) stanza
d) simile

a beat created by the stressed and unstressed syllables in a word
a) rhythm
b) poetry
c) stanza
d) metaphor

the repetition of vowel or consonant sounds at the ends of words
a) rhyme
b) rhythm
c) simile
d) metaphor

rhymes that follow a particular pattern
a) rhyme scheme
b) poetry
c) stanza
d) personification

the repetition of consonant sounds in the beginning of words
a) alliteration
b) personification
c) simile
d) metaphor

the use of any element of language – a sound, word, or phrase – more than once
a) repetition
b) rhythm
c) line
d) simile

the use of words that imitate sounds
a) onomatopoeia
b) denotation
c) connotation
d) simile

a word in its literal, dictionary definition
a) denotation
b) connotation
c) simile
d) imagery

consists of the ideas and feelings that the word brings to mind
a) connotation
b) denotation
c) repetition
d) metaphor

descriptions that appeal to the five sense and help create vivid word pictures
a) imagery
b) connotation
c) denotation
d) onomatopoeia

uses the word like or as to compare to seeming unlike things
a) simile
b) metaphor
c) rhyme
d) repetition

describes one thing as if it were something else
a) metaphor
b) simile
c) connotation
d) denotation

gives human qualities to a nonhuman subject
a) personification
b) symbol
c) metaphor
d) mood

an object, person, animal, place or image that represents something other than itself
a) symbol
b) narrative
c) personification
d) mood

poetry that tells a story in verse. The have elements similar to those in short stories, such as plot and characters
a) narrative
b) haike
c) stanza
d) line

a three line Japanese form that describes something in nature. The first and third lines each have five syllables and the second line has seven
a) haiku
b) free verse
c) lyric poem
d) narrative poem

poetry that is defined by its lack of structure. It has no regular meter, rhythm, fixed line length or specific stanza pattern
a) free verse
b) lyric poem
c) haiku
d) narrative

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