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The Elder Race had once ruled from Danu Talis. In modern times, this island continent is known as
a) North America
b) Australia
c) Atlantis
d) None of the Above

What power did the Witch teach Sophie?
a) Water
b) Earth
c) Air
d) Fire

Who told Nicholas to go to the Witch?
a) Hekate
b) The Morrigan
c) Pernelle
d) Scatty

Where was Sophie employed?
a) Vintage clothing store
b) Movie set
c) Coffee shop
d) Bookstore

When Perenelle sent a message to Nicholas through Jefferson Miller, what place did she say would be invaded?
a) The bookstore
b) North America
c) The coffee shop
d) Shadowrealm

Scathach is the Witch of Endor's
a) Mother
b) Niece
c) Granddaughter
d) Cousin

What did Perenelle do for Jefferson Miller?
a) Warned him of the Elders
b) Killed him
c) Freed him from being a ghost
d) Fed him

Scatty was a(n)
a) Vampire
b) God
c) Giant
d) Old one

Who did Hekate say was still human because he cared?
a) Dee
b) Josh
c) Nicholas
d) None of the above

In what fashion did the Witch say Scatty could have communicated to her?
a) Fax
b) Mail
c) Phone
d) Mirror

According to Flamel, what book speaks of the twins?
a) Bible
b) Torah
c) Koran
d) Book of Mage

What process did Dee use to talk to the dead goddess?
a) Speed-reading
b) Ouija board
c) Necromancy
d) Tarot card reading

What character did Dee say was based on the Red Golem of Prague?
a) Dracula
b) Rumpelstiltskin
c) Frankenstein
d) Aurora

What kind of vehicle did Josh drive on his way to Ojai?
a) Hummer
b) Train
c) Jet
d) Motorcycle

What occupation did Josh and Sophie's parents have?
a) Veterinarians
b) Podiatrists
c) Salesmen
d) Archaeologists

What did radio reports say were to blame for the birds all over the bridge?
a) Army testing
b) Mistaken zoo release
c) TV commercial
d) Global warming

What was the Yggdrasill?
a) The World Tree
b) Disney World
c) The equator
d) The Atlantic Ocean

Why was Sophie chosen to be Awakened before Josh?
a) She was the elder
b) Josh wouldn't do it
c) She was younger
d) She was kinder.

When Josh and Sophie searched for hidden cameras, what TV show did they first think might be filming them?
a) Candid Camera
b) America's Funniest Home Videos
c) Nightly news
d) Survivor

On what was Ojai built?
a) Atlantis
b) Paris
c) Fault lines
d) Intersection of ley lines

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