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The Background Styles gallery allows you to choose from ________ backgrounds.
a) plain
b) light
c) dark
d) all of the answers

Use the __________ dialog box to create and modilfy any background, even a default theme background.
a) Format Background
b) Format Slide
c) Format Table
d) none of the answers

Themes provide a __________ background for all slides formatted with that theme.
a) white
b) black
c) default
d) none of the answers

Which of the following elements can you change in your presentation?
a) the layout of a theme
b) the colors of a theme
c) the font of a theme
d) all of the answers

A _______ preview is when you can see the new format changes of the current slide when you move the mouse pointer over each theme.
a) print
b) quickstyle
c) live
d) none of the answers

How many fonts are there in a theme?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 5

A PowerPoint _______ includes a set of colors designed to work well together, a set of fonts, special effects that can be applied to objects such as pictures or shapes, and often a graphic background.
a) presentation
b) subject
c) format
d) theme

A(n) ___________ allows you to jump to a specific slide in the presentation or to external content.
a) address
b) header
c) hyperlink
d) none of the answers

Hyperlinks can be displayed as ___________.
a) text
b) graphics
c) both text and graphics
d) none of the answers

The Insert Hyperlink dialog box sets up links between slides or from slides to other targets. A target is the _______ that opens when you click a link.
a) page
b) file
c) slide
d) all of the answers

Hyperlinks and action buttons work only in ______ view.
a) Slide Show
b) Animation
c) Transistion
d) all of the answers

A(n) _______ button is a shape from the Shapes gallery to which you can assign a hyperlink or some other action.
a) perform
b) action
c) embedded
d) none of the answers

Sections are _________ to the auidence when you present a slide show.
a) visible
b) invisible
c) audible
d) none of the answers

____________ view provides tools for modifying the master slides on which all of the current presentation's layouts and formats are based.
a) Slide Outline
b) Slide Key
c) Slide Style
d) Slide Master

Each slide master has a set of _______ that determine the number, type, and position of the placeholders on a particular type of slide.
a) layout settings
b) layout slides
c) layout themes
d) none of the answers

You can change a slide's layout __________.
a) at any time
b) only when you create the slide
c) when you add new content to the slide
d) only if you have too much content for the current layout

What does a theme contain?
a) Sample content
b) Font and color settings
c) WordArt
d) all of the answers

Slide __________ control the position of text and objects on a slide.
a) outlines
b) layouts
c) lists
d) bullets

Adding a __________ to a presentation can help you identify and organize slides.
a) date
b) footer
c) slide number
d) all of the answers

From which tab do you apply a different layout to a slide?
a) Home
b) Insert
c) Design
d) Transitions

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