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Terry plans to mail her resume to several apparel and accessory businesses in hopes of getting an entry-level job. What other document should Terry mail along with her resume?
a) Cover letter
b) Driver’s license
c) Portfolio
d) Social security card

The director of human resources interviewed Juanita for the assistant buyer position. Juanita impressed the interviewer because she asked:
a) About the scheduling of personal leave and vacation time.
b) Appropriate job-related and company-specific questions.
c) How often pay increases and bonuses could be expected.
d) Whether her personal references would actually be contacted.

Sally’s mother is a member of the Junior League and Sally volunteers on a regular basis to help with their Clothes Closet. If Sally wants to work for a fashion retailer, where on her resume should she list this volunteer activity?
a) Education
b) Job objective
c) Personal information
d) Work experience

Information provided about each reference should include the person’s name, job title, phone number, and:
a) Business name and address.
b) Date of birth.
c) Number of years in current position.
d) Social security number.

A personal business letter that accompanies a resume and introduces a person to a company is a:
a) Cover letter.
b) Memorandum.
c) Reference letter.
d) Resignation letter.

Annalee was five minutes late for her interview. While she was with the interviewer, she slouched in her chair, twiddled her thumbs, and twirled her hair in her fingers. Her behavior:
a) Created a favorable impression.
b) Created a poor impression.
c) Reflected a positive attitude.
d) Showed her interest and enthusiasm for the potential job.

Martha, a new sales representative for Tommy Hilfiger, is to introduce the fall line to a group of buyers in Charlotte. In preparing, she should organize the information in logical sequence, practice the presentation, and:
a) Carefully memorize the canned script.
b) Check the Internet for exciting things to do in Charlotte.
c) Create a budget to share with the buyers.
d) Plan for the use of visual aids.

Patrick is a basketball player, involved in student council, and a member of DECA. As he completes his resume, where would he place this information?
a) Activities and interests
b) Personal information
c) References
d) Work experience

To make a good impression at the interview an applicant should:
a) Dress casually to avoid overshadowing current employees.
b) Dress professionally and be courteous.
c) Wear expensive jewelry to create a prestigious image.
d) Wear the most fashion forward outfit available.

Self-discipline, self-control, initiative, and productive work behavior are elements of one’s:
a) Attitude.
b) Communication skills.
c) Culture.
d) Work ethic.

David is preparing for his interview. In order to make a good impression, he practices for the interview. He should also:
a) Call the interviewer and ask what questions to prepare for.
b) Create a cover letter to take to the interview
c) Research the company and its products.
d) Send a brief note of thanks to the interviewer.

Meleah just completed an interview for a job as a sales representative job for Clinique. She is very excited and hopes to get the job. Meleah’s NEXT step is to:
a) Complete an application for the job.
b) Develop her resume and send a copy to Clinique.
c) Write a post-interview letter thanking the interviewer for his/her time.
d) Write a resignation letter to her current employer.

Mrs. Leik, the guidance counselor, agreed to recommend Bailey for employment. Where would Bailey list Mrs. Leik’s name on her resume?
a) Education
b) Job objective
c) Personal information
d) References

Goal-setting, integrity, professional etiquette, and a positive attitude are:
a) Consequences.
b) Nonverbal communication skills.
c) Soft skills.
d) Unethical behaviors.

Marsha arrived at work late three days in a row and was fired by her supervisor. The result of her action is a:
a) Code of ethics.
b) Conflict of interest.
c) Consequence
d) Standard.

Creating a good impression for an interview includes having a fresh, clean appearance and wearing:
a) Clothes that you would wear on the job.
b) Excessive perfume and jewelry.
c) Scuffed shoes.
d) Trendy, extreme fashions and patterns that clash.

Mrs. Austin’s fashion class is volunteering during the holidays with Operation Christmas Child. Although not completely convenient for everyone, Saturday is the day that best fits most of the students’ schedules. Making the decision to work Saturday
a) Networking
b) Standard
c) Team relations
d) Utility

The tool used to promote one’s skills, abilities, and accomplishments is a:
a) Letter of inquiry.
b) Memorandum.
c) Resume.
d) Thank-you note.

When creating her resume, Karen was compiling a list of her previous employers and the dates she was employed. In which order should she list this information?
a) Alphabetical by company
b) Any order she chooses
c) Chronological
d) Reverse chronological

While working as an assistant during a local fashion show for charity, Carrie met and talked with as many of the models and fashion professionals as she could. She hopes these contacts may be able to help her as she pursues a career as a model.
a) Networking.
b) Outsourcing.
c) Researching.
d) Team building.

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