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When you claim someone on your income tax for which you provie support
a) deductible
b) policy holder
c) deduction
d) premium

The form you reference when you are completing your 1040 tax form-it tell you how much you earned during the year at that particular job
a) W-2
b) W-4
c) Paycheck stub
d) premium

Your local, state, and federal taxes are used for all of these EXCEPT:
a) highways
b) stop signs and redlights
c) elementary schools
d) Mall parking lots

Additional money that you must pay when you make a retail purchase.
a) federal tax
b) state tax
c) sales tax
d) gratutity tax

someone who receives money if an insured person dies
a) policy holder
b) dependent
c) employer
d) beneficiary

If you opt to have your employer take out money out of your paycheck during the year, you will not have to fill out an income tax form in the spring
a) True
b) False

Someone who relies on someone else for money and care
a) policy holder
b) beneficiary
c) liability
d) co-dependent

payment to beneficiaries who are named by the insured person
a) health
b) disability
c) property
d) life

This type of insurance provides money to pay for health insurance
a) liability
b) life
c) property
d) health

provides payment to replace earnings during times when workers cannot work due to illness or injury
a) health
b) long-term care
c) disability
d) liability

Payment to others, if amember of the insured household accidently causes harm to other people or property
a) disability
b) property
c) life
d) liability

The donations of a product or service in place of cash
a) in-kind income
b) employee compensation
c) moral hazard
d) income taxes

Products or services that add extra value for employees beyond wages earned
a) deductibles
b) employee benefits
c) employee compensation
d) employee unemployment insurance

When the act of insuring an event increases the likelihood it will occur
a) moral hazard
b) risk
c) deductible
d) premium

The following which is not one of the 3 sources of insurance is
a) employer
b) government
c) individual
d) Savings and loan

Insurance includes these to reduce the problem of moral hazard
a) claims and deductibles
b) coverages and claims
c) co-insurance and coverages
d) co-insurance and deductibles

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