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Riskes covered and amount of money paid for losses under an insurance policy
a) coverage
b) premium
c) policy
d) dependent

A formal request to an insurance company asking for a payment when the policy holder has an accident, illness or injury
a) policy
b) claim
c) coverage
d) premium

The out-of-pocket moeny paid by the policyholder before an insurance company will cover the remaining costs attributed to the loss
a) premium
b) coverage
c) deductible
d) policy

The person who owns the insurance policy
a) dependent
b) premium
c) policyholder
d) agent

Money paid to purchase the insurance policy
a) premium
b) coverage
c) policy holder
d) insurance agent

A financial product purchased by many people facing a similar risk to protect against the risk of larger losses
a) emergency savings
b) premium
c) insurance
d) coverage

The contract that specifies what risks are covered and how much will be paid for losses
a) coverage
b) premium
c) insurance
d) policy

At least 6 months of expenses saved to cover costs of unexpected expenses
a) coverage
b) policy
c) emergency savings
d) certificates of deposits

If you have dependents relying on your income, then you should have this type of insurance
a) health
b) long-term care insurance
c) Life insurance
d) homeowner's insurance

The chance of loss from an event that cannot be entirely controlled
a) risk
b) expenses
c) life insurance
d) coverage

This insurance helps replace earnings when a person cannot work due to illness or injury
a) long-term care insurance
b) health insurance
c) Life insurance
d) disability insurance

This insurance helps pay for extended nursing care when a person cannot live independently (but doesn't need to be hospitalized)
a) Disability
b) Long-term care
c) hospital insurance
d) Health Insurance

This type of insurance covers damang/loss of property within a home but doesn't cover loss to the actual home
a) Homeowner's insurance
b) Liability insurance
c) renter's insurance
d) auto insurance

This type of insurance covers damage/loss of a home and its contents
a) Life Insurance
b) Auto insurance
c) Renter's Insurance
d) Homeowner's insurance

requires the insured individual to pay a fixed percentage of the loss after the deductible has been paid
a) deductible
b) premium
c) claim
d) co-insurance

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