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The joining of egg and sperm is called
a) budding
b) heredity
c) fertilization
d) regeneration

In _______________ reproduction, organisms are produced from only one parent.
a) asexual
b) sexual
c) mutation
d) fertilization

Budding and regeneration as two types of
a) sexual reproduction
b) fertilization
c) sex cells
d) asexual reproduction

The chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell contain a code known as
a) RNA
b) mitosis
c) meiosis
d) DNA

DNA stands for
a) deoxyribonucleic acid
b) deoxynuclear acid
c) dexo-nucleic acid
d) dextronucleic acid

Two sex cells join to produce a new individual in ______________ reproduction.
a) DNA
b) asexual
c) genetic
d) sexual

Division of the nucleus that produces two nuclei with the same genetic information is called
a) meiosis
b) budding
c) mitosis
d) mutation

What is formed during meiosis?
a) heredity
b) sex cells
c) clones
d) regeneration

Sex cells from the female reproductive system are called ____________.
a) sperm
b) eggs
c) genes
d) DNA

Sex cells from the male reproductive system are known as __________.
a) genes
b) mitosis
c) eggs
d) sperm

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