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Mendeleev arranged the known chemical elements in a table according to increasing
a) # of e-
b) # of p+
c) mass

Which list of elements contains only metals?
a) carbon, iodine, tin
b) tin, copper, cesium
c) iodine, carbon, argon

Which of the following group 7A elements is most reactive?
a) F
b) I
c) Cl

Which of the following group 1A elements is most reactive?
a) Li
b) Na
c) Cs

The usefulness of Mendeleev's periodic table was confirmed by
a) the discovery of the nucleus
b) the discovery of subatomic particles
c) the discovery of elements with predicted properties

The standard on which the atomic mass unit is based on the mass of a
a) carbon-12 atom
b) neutron
c) chlorine-35 atom

Which general statement does NOT apply to metals?
a) most metals are brittle
b) most metals are good conductors of electric current
c) most metals are ductile

In a periodic table, a set of properties repeats from
a) element to element
b) group to group
c) row to row

Group 7A of the periodic table contains the
a) most reactive nonmetals
b) least reactive metals
c) most reactive metals

To keep them from reacting, some highly reactive elements are stored in
a) liquid mercury
b) argon
c) pure oxygen

Which statement is true about the metalloid silicon?
a) Silicon is a better conductor of electric current than sulfur is
b) Silicon's ability to conduct electric current does not vary with temperature
c) Silicon does not conduct electric current under any conditions

Mendeleev gave the name eka-aluminum to a (an)
a) unknown element he predicted would have properties similar to those of aluminum
b) mixture of aluminum and an unknown element
c) compound containing aluminum

Which statement is not true about the elements, F, Cl, and I
a) They are all halogens
b) they are similar to noble gases
c) they react easily with metals

Which halogen is most likely to react
a) Cl
b) F
c) I

Which element is found in nature only in compounds?
a) nitrogen
b) sodium
c) helium

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