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What type of government is based on religion?
a) theocracy
b) democracy
c) totalitarian

How are democracies different from totalitarian governments?
a) Power in a democracy is given to one person
b) power is divided among citizens in a democracy
c) totalitarian leaders don't have any power

How is monarchy different than from other forms of government?
a) ruler is elected
b) ruler gets his power from birth
c) ruler served in the military

In a socialist economic system, the government
a) doesn't control the economy
b) Makes all the economic decisions
c) owns some large industries

North Korea has what type of economy?
a) communist
b) socialist
c) free enterprise

Cultural elements can best be described as the
a) language, beliefs, institutions, and customs of societies
b) businesses of ethnic groups
c) religious practices that are passed down by each generation

The spread of democratic ideals from philosophers in Europe to the Founding Fathers in the United States is an example of
a) economic systems
b) cultural disassociation
c) cultural diffusion

What is a theocracy?
a) government based on religion
b) government where one person holds all of the power
c) government where everyone votes for what they want

What is cultural divergence?
a) When a cultural stays separated from others
b) When cultures mix together

What is a democracy?
a) A government where people hold the power
b) A government where one person holds all of the power
c) A government based on religion

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