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Which of the following statement is true?
a) The worlds oceans make up 70% of the earths surface
b) The worlds ocean is the boyd of water south of Africa
c) The worlds ocean has little effect on Earths environment
d) The worlds oceans consist of Atlantic and PAcific Oceans

Wagners theory that all of the plates moved apart over millions of years supports that all of the continents were once conncected. What were they called when they were connected?
a) super continent
b) plates unite
d) none of the above

The part of the earth that we breathe is called?
a) hydrosphere
b) geosphere
c) atmosphere
d) envirosphere

Volcanoes occur at tectonic plate boundaries that are
a) Spreading apart
b) colliding
c) slipping past each other
d) both a and b

The removal and transportation of surface material by wind and water is called
a) erosion
b) tectonics
c) currents
d) none of the above

A cost benefit analysis balances the cost of an action against?
a) those who benefit from the action
b) those who perform the analysis
c) what consumers and taxpayers are willing to pay
d) the benefits one epects to receive

Attempts to create sustainable society strive to achieve what?
a) greater resource consumption
b) negative population growth
c) stable resource consumption
d) restrictions on technology

The ecological footprint for person in a particular country takes into account what requirements of supporting that individual?
a) land used for crops
b) land taken up by housing
c) forest area that absorbs pollution
d) all of the above

Hardins Tragedy of Commons essay adressed the conflicts associated with which environmental challenge?
a) Preventing pollution
b) preserving biodiversity
c) curbing overpopulation
d) protecting shared resources

What is a hypothesis?
a) an educated guess
b) the right answer
c) something in science that is always right
d) Newtons 1st law

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