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Identify which of the following is NOT a quality
a) polite
b) hard working
c) patient
d) prepare a letter to a customer

Which of the following is a task
a) good at using computers
b) confident when dealing with customers
c) creating business cards
d) good organisational skills

Conditions of service show
a) tasks to do
b) qualities required
c) salary, hours of work and holidays
d) essential work experience

A description of a skill of an admin assistant would have is:
a) An admin assistant must be responsible. They have to complete their work to a good standard and meet deadlines.
b) problem solving skills
c) Good communication skills are needed as the assistant may have to confidently write emails or speak directly to customers
d) An assistant would deal with visitors to the company ensuring all their details are recorded and ID badges issued

Identify the document used to describe the background of the position applied for.
a) job description
b) person specification
c) application form
d) job advert

A description of an admin assistant duty would be:
a) an admin assistant must be polite as they have to deal with customers and suppliers and create a good impression.
b) file documents in order so that they can be found quickly and easily when required.
c) an admin assistant must have good time management skills as they may have to prioritise their own work.
d) answering the telephone

A description of a quality of an admin assistant would be:
a) polite
b) answering the telephone, dealing with a customer enquiry about a late delivery
c) good ICT skills in order to carry out tasks such as word processing letters to customers
d) Outgoing as the assistant will have to be able to get on well with other employees as well as customers and suppliers.

Identify the document used in the recruitment process to find the ideal candidate.
a) job description
b) person specification
c) application form
d) job advert

Which term would describe talents or abilities the admin assistant might need?
a) skills
b) duties
c) qualities
d) job description

Which term describes the admin assistant's personality?
a) skills
b) qualities
c) duties
d) job description

Which of the following terms describes a task an admin assistant would do?
a) skill
b) quality
c) duty
d) person specification

A must have skill would be described as
a) essential
b) desirable
c) advantage
d) benefit

A person specification would show
a) the background to the job
b) the duties of the job
c) the conditions of service
d) the essential and desirable qualities and skills of the ideal candidate

The job description will NOT show
a) duties of the job
b) line manager
c) conditions of service
d) desirable skills

When application forms are received, not all candidates will receive an interview. The names of people selected are known as
a) the panel
b) the chosen ones
c) the short leet
d) the high flyers

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