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Economic Resources are also referred to as
a) Goods and Services
b) Unlimited
c) Basic Economic Problem
d) Factors of Production

Things that are required in order to live are
a) Needs
b) Goods
c) Services
d) Wants

Which of the following is NOT an example of a human resource
a) Cashier
b) Factory Worker
c) Beautician
d) Computer

Which of the following is NOT an example of a natural resource
a) Tree
b) Fish
c) Hammer
d) Oil

A LCD Television is an example of an
a) Good and Service
b) Good and Want
c) Need and Good
d) Need and Service

Buildings, equipment, and supplies are examples of
a) Human Resources
b) Capital Resources
c) Traditional Resources
d) Natural Resources

The risk taker who uses resources in an entirely new way to create a new product or service is a(n)
a) Business Owner
b) Buyer
c) Entreprenuer
d) Creator

Shelter is an example of a
a) Service
b) Human Resource
c) Natural Resource
d) Need

Activities that are consumed at the same time they are produced
a) Services
b) Wants
c) Needs
d) Goods

Raw materials supplied by nature are
a) Human Resources
b) Natural Resources
c) Traditional Resources
d) Capital Resources

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