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We should not judge a book by its cover.
a) shan't
b) shoudn't
c) shouldn't
d) shouldnt

We cannot wait that long!
a) cann't
b) couldn't
c) cant
d) can't

He will like a milkshake.
a) She'll
b) Shew'll
c) He'll
d) Hew'll

She's such a nice person.
a) She is
d) She has

I'd like some extra ketchup with my meal.
a) I had
b) I have
c) I make
d) I would

I am so hungry I could eat a horse!
a) I'm
b) I am
c) Im
d) I'am

I will not be ready to go for another ten minutes
a) willn't
b) won't
c) wont
d) will't

It is almost eleven o'clock.
a) it's
b) it'is
c) its'
d) its

You shall not speak unless you are spoken to.
a) shalln't
b) shant
c) shallnt
d) shan't

I will tell you a story about Bob.
a) I'ill
b) I'will
c) I'll
d) I ll

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