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The measurement of an object's mass is a ____.
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical change
d) chemical property

The ability of an apple to change color when exposed to air is a ____.
a) physical property
b) physical change
c) chemical property
d) chemical change

Living things are divided into two groups-______________and___________.
a) Large and small
b) Oxygen and hydrogen
c) nitrogen and decomposers
d) Consumers and producers

At what point does the ball have the most potential energy?
a) Just beofore you drop it
b) Just before you catch the ball
c) When it leaves your hand
d) When it reaches its highest point

Which of the following is NOT a possible sign of a chemical change?
a) the release of a gas
b) change in state
c) the release of energy
d) change in color

A process that changes light from the sun into sugar for food is called__________.
a) Respiration
b) Photosynthesis
c) Osmosis
d) Fermentation

Absolute age is ____.
a) the age, in years, of a rock or other object.
b) the process in which the nucleus of an atom breaks down
c) the time is takes for half of the atoms in an isotope to decay
d) the process used to calculate the absolute age of rock by measuring the ratio of parent isotope to daughter product

Respiration requires
a) CO
b) CO2
c) O2
d) H2O

Cardiac muscle is an example of
a) Involuntary muscle
b) Smooth muscle
c) Voluntary muscle
d) Rough muscle

Chemical energy is stored in __________molecules.
a) Oxygen
b) Plant
c) Granulate
d) Food

Chemical reactions break down food molecules into simpler substances and release stored energy in a process called____________.
a) photosynthesis
b) respiration
c) fermentation
d) metabolism

Photosynthesis and _______________ cannot take place without each other.
a) recycling
b) the nitrogen cycle
c) respiration
d) the carbon cycle

Energy may change into _________forms.
a) few
b) many
c) only one
d) two

The ____________________________states that energy is never created or destroyed.
a) law of repeated energy
b) law of concentration
c) rule of 72
d) law of conservation

When there is a lack of oxygen, ________ takes place instead of respiration.
a) Fermentation
b) Respiration
c) Metabolism
d) Photosynthesis

If a ball is being held in a glove, its energy would be__________.
a) Kinetic
b) Potential
c) Chemical
d) Physical

Three examples of physical change are ____.
a) applying lipstick, making lemonade, baking bread
b) boiling water, a nail rusting, a melting candle
c) melting ice, mowing the lawn, carving a statue
d) a pond freezing, breaking glass, a burning candle

The time is takes for half of the atoms in an isotope to decay is ----.
a) Radioactive decay
b) Radiometric dating
c) Half-life
d) Absolute age

What are the 3 main things that are needed for photosynthesis to take place?
a) Light, Sugar, H2O
b) Light, H2O, CO2
c) O2, CO2, Light
d) O2, CO2, H2O

All the chemical reactions in an organism make up its __________.
a) Photosynthesis
b) Enzymes
c) Respiration
d) Metabolism

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