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Freedman's Bureau
a) The Red Cross of the time where Northerners came down and helped to educate former slaves and poor whites
b) Abolished Slavery
c) Hayes wins and federal troops are removed
d) A plan to punish the South

13th Amendment
a) Abolished Sharecropping
b) Abolished Slavery
c) Abolished the Freedman's Bureau
d) Abolished the sale of Alcohol

Radical Republicn Plan
a) A plan to go easy on the South
b) A plan to Punish the South

The Military Reconstruction Act of 1867
a) the North would be broken up into 5 military districts
b) The South would be broken up into 5 military districts
c) The West will be broken up into 5 military districts
d) The North was put under Martial Law

Tenure of Office Act
a) Cannot fire a cabinet member without the approval of Congress
b) What the Southern Democrats used to impeach Johnson

Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)
a) Desegregated public Schools in America
b) Established the notion of Free yes; Equal no

Examples of disenfranchisement
a) Literacy Tests, grandfather clause and Poll tax
b) Civil rights act of 1866; banning of black codes

Compromise of 1877
a) Hayes wins and troops are remained in the South
b) Hayes loses and Troops are removed from the South
c) Tilden wins and troops are removed
d) Hayes wins and troops are removed

a) Southerner who supported the Republican Party
b) Northerner who moved South and helped the Republican party

Whiskey Ring Scandal
a) Occurred under Grant's watch as president
b) Occurred the Johnson Administration
c) A scandal involving federal tax collectors on whiskey during Hayes presidency

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