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Reconstruction ended predominantly for what reason?
a) The South had been rebuilt and no longer needed to be reconstructed
b) New laws ensured the welfare of freed slaves and a new generation of southern leaders were ready to continue Union policies
c) Reconstruction was too expensive to continue
d) As the result of a political compromise

Which of the following represented an effort by the Union to help newly freed slaves?
a) black codes
b) poll taxes
c) literacy tests
d) The Freedman's Bureau

Who of the following would have MOST likely been the QUICKEST to give power back to state governments in the South?
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Thaddeus Stevens
c) the Radical republicans
d) Edwin Stanton

Which of the following was NOT offensive to white southerners regarding Reconstruction?
a) scalawags
b) carpertbaggers
c) Jim Crow Laws
d) the policies of Radical Republicans

Why was Andrew Johnson impeached?
a) His plan for southern reconstruction was considered too radical and harmful to the South?
b) He was accused by some of helping to plot Lincoln's assassination.
c) Because he was from Tennessee, he had supported the South during the Civil War.
d) He was accused of violating the Tenure of Office Act and many Republicans in Congress wanted him removed from office.

What was accomplisehd by the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution?
a) They set guidelines that southern states had to follow to be readmitted to the Union and laid out a timetable.
b) Freed slaves throughout the US, gave rights of Citizenship, and guaranteed African Americans the right to vote.
c) Established the Freedman's Bureau, freed slaves, and ensured African Americans a right to public education
d) They outlawed segregation, established black codes and ended Reconstruction.

What occurred as a result of the Compromise of 1877?
a) Slave and free states had equal representation in Congress
b) Southern states were readmitted upon recognition of the civil rights of African Americans
c) Republican Rutherford Hayes became president in exchange for the removal of Federal troops
d) In exchange for use of Southern Ports the North would significantly lower the tariff

President Grant's scandals include:
a) Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier
b) Teapot dome
c) Watergate
d) Compromise of 1877

An example of De Jure segregation is
a) Jim Crow Laws
b) Slave Codes
c) Slavery
d) Sharecropping

Leader of the radical wing of the republican party:
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Thaddeaus Stevens
c) Henry David Thoreau
d) Edwin Stanton

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