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When Russia wanted to expand into the Balkans so it could have access to the Dardanelles and the Mediterranean Sea, what war broke out?
a) WWI
b) War of 1812
c) Crimean War

What was it called, in Europe, when all adult men could vote, not just the wealthy?
a) abolishment
b) freedom of speech
c) universal male suffrage

Which is a two-step process of spinning and weaving that had been done by individuals in their homes?
a) spinning jenny
b) cottage industry
c) loom and doom

What act stated that the minimum age for working in factories reduced to 8 years old…ages 8-13 years old to work a maximum of 6 ½ hours a day…13-18 years olds to work a maximum of 12 hours a day safety guards HAD to be fitted to all machines?
a) Factories First Act of 1905
b) OSHA Safety Act of 1915
c) 1844 Graham's Factory Act

Who had the longest reign as Britain’s monarch?
a) Queen Anne
b) Queen Elizabeth I
c) Queen Victoria

What country had the following factors to help the Industrial Revolution spread? a)capital b)Abundant natural resources c)A supply of markets d)Wealthy entrepreneurs were looking for ways to invest and make profits.
a) Germany
b) Great Britain
c) France

Why was the Congress of Vienna called together to meet?
a) they wanted to restore the old order after Napoleon’s defeat
b) they wanted to decide who would take control of Austria
c) they wanted to create a unified, single constitution for all of Europe

What did the North American Act establish?
a) the end of the US Civil War
b) Canada as a new country
c) the beginning of strained relationships between Canada and the United States

What is meant by the term multi-national state?
a) collection of peoples joined together by one ruler
b) when people in one country are legal citizens of several countries at one time
c) when several states join together to create their own nation

What does it mean if art glorifies nature?
a) it expresses beauty in the nude human body
b) it shows the awesome, powerful, horrifying aspects of nature.
c) it shows the awesome, powerful, horrifying aspects of nature.

What is militarism?
a) when a country reduces the size of its military
b) when a country is forming a new branch of their military
c) when a country has reliance on military strength

This man thought the ideas of real socialism were not practical and called those who believed them utopian socialists…he also created communism.
a) Joseph Simmons
b) Karl Marx
c) Vladimir Lenin

Romanticism developed as a reaction to what other movement?
a) the Renaissance
b) the Enlightenment
c) the end of slavery

What does it mean to secede?
a) give in
b) withdraw
c) be successful

To what does the title Kaiser refer?
a) divine one
b) president
c) emperor

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