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What will most animals respond if a catastrophic event changes their ecosystem?
a) adapt to a new way of life
b) hibernate
c) migrate to a new area
d) they would not do anything

How do fertilizers affect the environment?
a) washes away into local streams, changing the quality of the water
b) causes more weeds to grow
c) evaporates causing acid rain
d) causes too many producers

Which the following are sources of surface water?
a) aquifers and rivers
b) water table
c) streams, lakes, and rivers
d) streams and underground wells

Which describes a river's energy as it reaches the ocean?
a) the kinetic energy increases as it dumps sediment
b) the river stays the same speed and creates a waterfall
c) the river speeds up and collects sediment
d) the river slows down and dumps the heaviest sediment first

As a hurricane reaches landfall, which of the following is true?
a) the beach gets larger from sediment
b) the beach erodes quickly
c) deposition creates mountains
d) new rivers are created

Which is an example of mechanical weathering?
a) abrasion
b) oxidation
c) carbonic acid
d) oxygen and water changing metal

Which of the following describes the process of water freezing inside rocks and breaking them apart?
a) chemical weathering
b) oxidation
c) abrasion
d) ice wedging

How does running water change a river's direction or path?
a) the moving water erodes the bank of the river while new sediment is deposited
b) the banks are weathered by the wind
c) ice wedging changes the river's bank
d) a flood changes the path of the water

How can deforestation affect the amount of erosion in a location?
a) The amount of erosion decreases because more sunlight gets to the soil
b) cuttin down the trees decreases the amount of erosion
c) no change occurs
d) cutting down the trees increases the amount of erosion

Which of the following forms canyons?
a) lakes
b) rivers
c) rain
d) wind

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