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Which adaptation would most iikely be evident in an animal living in a tundra biome?
a) large wide ears with thin tissue
b) long legs to escape predators
c) long neck to reach food in high branches
d) thick fat layer that develops quickly

Which of these BEST explains why forest trees are the final stage in succession?
a) trees are very large and use available nutrients
b) trees have deep roots and soak up groundwater
c) trees take longer to mature and would block sunlight for small plants
d) trees have leaves that use all the available air

Which of the following is most likely to have a positive effect on biodiversity?
a) increasing people's awareness of pollution
b) replanting trees and other plants in a park
c) recycling glass, aluminum and plastic
d) pouring oil onto the ground

Which of the following contributes to the stability in an ecosystem?
a) increase in biodiversity
b) reduction in biodiversity
c) extinction of a population from the ecosystem
d) removal of many populations of organisms

A hurricane hits a coastal prairie and destroys the habitat. Years later there is an appearance of small plants. What does this describe?
a) primary succession
b) microhabitat
c) secondary succession
d) biodiversity

Which of these is most sustainable?
a) a field with no plants, only soil
b) an area near a volcano covered with igneous rock
c) a grassland with small plants and grass
d) a forest with trees, grasses, plants, and flowers

What is the relationship between ecological succession and equilibrium in an ecosystem?
a) succession helps maintain balance
b) succession prevents balance in ecosystems
c) there is no relationship between the two
d) they are the same thing

All of the following are examples of events in nature that can lead to secondary succession except
a) hurricane
b) earthquake
c) flood
d) formation of a swamp or lake

Which is an example of primary succession?
a) regrowth of a forest after a fire
b) lichen growing on igneous rock near a volcano
c) a field transforming into a forest
d) an area recovering after a hurricane

Which of the following statements about biodiversity is true?
a) more biodiversity means less chance for sustainability
b) more biodiversity means a better chance for sustainability
c) more biodiversity means less species in an ecosystem
d) the amount of biodiversity does not affect an ecosystem

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