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What energy transformation takes place during photosynthesis?
a) radiant to chemical
b) chemical to heat
c) heat to light
d) chemical to light

How does a drought affect the plant's ability to create food?
a) it does not affect the plant's ability to make food
b) the plant can make food without water
c) a plant can not create food without water
d) the plant can get food in other ways

Which part of the plant conducts photosynthesis?
a) stem
b) roots
c) leaves
d) flowers

What are the products of photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide and water
b) radiant energy and chemical energy
c) glucose and oxygen
d) water and light

What are the reactants in photosynthesis?
a) carbon dioxide, oxygen and water
b) radiant energy, carbon dioxide and oxygen
c) glucose and chemical energy
d) radiant energy, water and carbon dioxide

How does a plant get energy?
a) it makes its own food which is converted to energy
b) it gathers its food
c) the mitochondria makes food for the plant
d) it gets energy from water

Which substance in a cell captures the radiant energy from the sun?
a) chlorophyl in the chloroplasts
b) water captured by the leaves
c) chlorophyl in the mitochondria
d) cytoplasm

What kind of energy is necessary to initiate the process of photosynthesis?
a) radiant
b) heat
c) electrical
d) wind

What happens to the solar energy absorbed by plants during photosynthesis?
a) It is recycled by plants and returned to the
b) It is converted into oxygen and glucose.
c) It is stored as heat within the plant for
d) It is transferred into chemical energy

How does photosynthesis and respiration work together?
a) They don't work together
b) Carbon dioxide is released during respiration and taken in by plants.
c) Carbon dioxide is released during photosynthesis.
d) Respiration releases oxygen for the plants.

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