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Cornell Method for note taking is also known as..?
a) Think links
b) T-Note system
c) outline
d) scribbles

Sq3R stands for?
a) study question return remember rethink
b) soup quit 3 recipes
c) survey question read revise recite
d) survey question remember rules rethink

Effective note taking from a professor means?
a) Write down everything the professor says
b) star or underline important information that was stated
c) write down every detail the professor states or the class

For effective note-taking...Revise your notes when?
a) the professor tells you to.
b) after class, you can put them in order and add any information you left out
c) you never should revise your notes.

Think Links are known as?
a) a link that you think
b) mind maps or webs

It is important to have concentration during note-taking why?
a) So you do not miss any vauable information that was said
b) So you do not fall asleep

Even when the class is discussing information you should not stop taking notes.
a) True
b) False

Never write down key words or definitions.
a) True
b) False

KWL is an important method because?
a) You know everything already so why read it
c) It gives you a map on the things you already know or want to know in the chapter you are reading,

A VISUAL strategie of effective notetaking is?
a) TImeline, or table
b) outline
c) cornell
d) KWL

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