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Which of the following is not a physical property of sugar?
a) It is white in color.
b) It is a solid at room temperature.
c) It is digestible by enzymes in the stomach.
d) It is less dense as a liquid than as a solid.

Which type of property describes the potential to undergo a chemical change?
a) physical property
b) chemical property
c) intensive property
d) extensive property

Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of a substance?
a) mass
b) types of chemical bonds it will form
c) volume
d) melting and boiling points

Which is not an example of a physical property?
a) color
b) texture
c) density
d) flammability

A scientist places 10 mL of water in a test tube and heats the liquid over a Bunsen burner for 2 minutes. The liquid boils and escapes as steam. This experiment is a good example of
a) chemical change involving phase changes
b) chemical change involving chemical reactions
c) physical change involving chemical reactions
d) physical change involving phase changes

Which of the following would most likely cause matter to chemically change?
a) motion
b) extreme heat
c) slight pressure
d) none of the choices

Generally, which type of change is most easily reversed?
a) physical
b) chemical
c) electrical
d) molecular

When does a physical change occur?
a) When chemical bonds are broken and new substances form.
b) When a new element is created.
c) When elements bond to form a molecule.
d) When the size, shape, or state of matter changes.

During a chemical change, a substance __________.
a) loses physical properties
b) changes into another substance
c) loses chemical properties
d) remains the same

What is not a possible sign of a chemical change?
a) color change
b) light given off
c) heat given off
d) a change of state

An odor being given off can indicate a __________.
a) change of state
b) chemical reaction
c) physical change
d) change in density

Zinc when immersed in Hydrocholoric Acid produces hydrogen gas.
a) Chemical Change
b) Physical Change
c) Chemophysical change
d) Physochemical change

Dry Ice (solid carbon dioxide - CO2) is sublimated at room temperature to a CO2 vapor.
a) chemical change
b) physical change
c) Physochemical change
d) Chemophysical change

Which of the following is considered a physical change?
a) crushing a can
b) shredding paper
c) melting steel
d) all of the choices are physical changes

Iron and sulfur change and form a partially magnetic black and yellow mixture.
a) Chemical Change
b) Physical Change
c) Chemophysical change
d) Physochemical change

If the chemical properties of a substance remain unchanged and the appearance or shape of the substance changes it is called a
a) chemical change
b) chemical reaction
c) physical change
d) all of the choices

Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
a) wire conducting electricity
b) an acid and a base reacting to form a salt and water
c) solid metal melting into liquid metal
d) mixing sand and water

Which of the following could indicate that a chemical reaction took place?
a) color change
b) thermal energy change
c) gas formation
d) all of the choices

During a chemical change a __________ occurs and new molecules are formed.
a) physical change
b) physical reaction
c) chemical reaction
d) all of the above

Venom of the box jellyfish is very toxic to humans. Toxicity of the venom is a __________ property.
a) chemical
b) physical
c) extensive
d) intensive

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