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Finding a high place to wait is a safety measure during a
a) thunderstorm.
b) tornado.
c) hurricane.
d) flash flood.

Images of weather systems on television come from
a) station models.
b) weather satellites.
c) weather balloons.
d) anemometer.

If there is a tornado warning for your area, you should
a) find a high place to stay.
b) go to a room with no windows.
c) cover your windows with plywood.
d) not listen to the radio.

Which statement about tornadoes is correct?
a) They are a very common part of thunderstorms.
b) Seventy-five percent of the world's tornadoes occur in the United States.
c) Their danger is mainly from the heavy rains they bring.
d) They are the strongest storms on Earth.

Which describes an altocumulus cloud?
a) high, feathery cloud
b) puffy mid-level cloud
c) low storm cloud
d) high cloud made of ice crystals

Tracks the location, movement, and amount of precipitation.
a) anemometer
b) radar
c) barometer
d) rain gauge

Measures air pressure.
a) anemometer
b) psychrometer
c) barometer
d) thermometer

What type of weather does a stationary front bring?
a) a clear sunny day followed by colder weather
b) cloudy with many days of wet weather
c) a clear sunny day followed by warmer weather
d) cloudy with many days of severe thunderstorms

A city with a warm front from the ocean that just passed over it most likely has what type of weather change?
a) Colder and more humid air.
b) Warmer and less humid air.
c) Warmer and more humid air.
d) Colder amd less humid air.

Thuderstorms usually occur in a city
a) after a cold front has passed.
b) after a warm front has passed.
c) as a cold front approaches.
d) before a stationary front approaches.

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