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The Wilmington Race riots resulted in
a) Manly becoming mayor
b) becoming a Democratic town
c) many people left on their own
d) Wilmington became the Capital of NC

grandfather clause meant what when it came to voting?
a) anyone could vote
b) you did not have to own property
c) did not have to pass literacy test if grandfather voted before 1867
d) you could vote if grandfather had lived in the state for at least 4 years

as the provisional governor, William Holden
a) asked NC not to take an oath of loyalty to the union
b) directed all NC to support the industrialization of the south
c) called all white NC to take an oath of loyalty to the union
d) asked all NC to restore to the antebellum way of life

Carpetbaggers were
a) Northerns that came to help the blacks
b) government official sent to help NC rejoin the Union
c) Southerns who helped blacks after Civil War
d) government officials that came to the south to reorganize the

what best describes NC after the Civil War
a) slavery ended and and NC developed a plan for the freed slaves
b) slavery ended and no one knew what freedom would bring
c) Farms and plantations suffered very little damage
d) NC recovered quickly from the war experience

Agriculture began to decline
a) crop prices stayed low while supplies and transportation prices increased
b) crop prices rose while transportation and supplies became less expensive
c) farmers moved to the city
d) exports became more affordable

the official end of reconstruction occurred
a) when all states returned to the union
b) when federal troops were sent to the south
c) with the election of 1876
d) with the formation of the populist party

economic growth after the period of Reconstruction created jobs for
a) women
b) immigrants
c) slaves
d) teenagers

reconstruction accomplished a few important goals including
a) giving all men and women the right to vote
b) changing the construction to allow more equality in the voting districts
c) changing the constitution to give African American voting and Civil rights
d) ending the struggle for civil rights

founded as a confederate veteran's social club, this organization was known for
a) UCJL secured jobs for veterans
b) KKK found employment for freed slaves
c) KKK intimidated blacks and political opponents
d) PWV was an effective tool for communication among the races

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