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What organization was founded in the 1920’s to protect the basic rights and freedoms of Americans?
c) KKK
d) UMW

Of the following, which was the most popularly used:
a) Electric Toaster
b) Television
c) Vacuum Cleaner
d) Radio

A group of disillusioned artists and writers who left America in the 1920’s were known as:
a) Flappers
b) The Found Generation
c) The Beatniks
d) The Lost Generation

What best describes the mentality of Black Americans after WWI?
a) They subscribed to radical philosophies like anarchism and communism
b) They were unpatriotic and prepared to overthrow the government
c) They returned more prideful and less willing to submit to racist discrimination
d) They returned from the war content to work patiently for civil rights and equality

Although Garvey’s movement was unsuccessful in its primary goal, it did give Black Americans
a) A reason to protest the government
b) A sense of pride in their heritage
c) An organization to fight for their rights that lasted
d) A reason to visit their homeland

The Scopes Trial lawyers were named:
a) Coolidge and Stills
b) Bryan and Darrow
c) Darrow and Smith
d) Lundy and Lundy

Affordable cars allowed Americans in the 1920’s to
a) Buy several per family
b) Drive recklessly
c) Live further from their jobs (suburbanization)
d) Take long road trips

Which of the following was NOT a famous silent movie actor?
a) Gertrude Ederle
b) Buster Keaton
c) Charlie Chaplin
d) Mary Pickford

This organization paid John Scopes to teach evolution in his Tennessee classroom to challenge the state law against it:
c) UMW
d) KKK

Prohibition led to the growth or increase of
a) Illegal bars, known as speakeasies
b) All were results
c) Organized crime
d) Lawbreaking among common Americans

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