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What is not true about radiation
a) It needs a medium through which to travel
b) It travels out in all directions from its source
c) It is one of three methods of heat transfer
d) It can travel through a vacuum

Which of the following is associated with weak light rays that travel in different directions
a) reflection
b) scattering
c) convection
d) conduction

In general, what is true about places at higher altitudes?
a) They have the same temperature as places at lower altitudes
b) They have warmer temperatures than places at lower altitudes
c) They have cooler temperatures than places at lower altitudes
d) They less predictable temperatures than places at lower altitudes

Which of the following is true
a) Land heats less rapidly than water
b) Land reachers higher temperatures than water
c) Land heats more rapidly than water
d) Land reaches higher temperatures and heats more rapidly than water

Why are annual temperature ranges in the Southern Hemiosphere generally smaller than those in the Northern Hemisphere
a) There is a greater percentage of water surface in the Southern Hemisphere
b) There is a greater proportion of mountainous land in the Southern Hemisphere
c) Less area is covered by desert in the Southern Hemisphere
d) Earth is closest to the Sun in the Southern Hemisphere summer

Which of the following best describes temperature variations
a) Variations are greater over water than over land
b) Variations are greater over land than over water
c) Variations are the same over land and over water
d) Variations over water cannot be determined

Isotherms are lines that connect points of equal
a) laltitude
b) elevation
c) temperature
d) pressure

Which of the following best describes the general air temperature on a cloudy night?
a) less predictable than on a clear night
b) the same as on a clear night
c) lower than on a clear night
d) higher than on a clear night

Many clouds have a high albedo and therfore tend to
a) reflect sunlight
b) absorb sunlight
c) transmit sunlight
d) radiate sunlight

At night, clouds act as a blanket by
a) absorbing incoming radiation
b) absorbing outgoing radiation
c) reflecting outgoing radiation
d) reflecting incoming radiation

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