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Which of the following situations led to racial riots in cities such as Chicago, Tulsa and St. Louis after WWI?
a) People became more racist after the war because they turned their anger from Germany onto African Americans
b) Blacks migrated north for jobs during the war creating tension and competition
c) The government tried to segregate all factories and northern cities
d) Whites tried to stop the “Back-to-Africa” movement

The KKK discriminated against:
a) Blacks
b) All are correct
c) Jews
d) Catholics

The installment plan
a) Contributed to Americans’ debt during the Great Depression
b) Allowed Americans with moderate incomes to purchase expensive items like cars
c) Was based on a system of down-payment and monthly payments
d) All are correct

Famous musicians of the twenties include all except:
a) Duke Ellington
b) Bessie Smith
c) Langston Hughes
d) Louis Armstrong

Jazz originated in what southern city?
a) Detroit
b) Harlem
c) Hollywood
d) New Orleans

The new center of the film industry in America in the 1920’s was:
a) Hollywood
b) Harlem
c) Broadway
d) Chicago

Based on your knowledge, what was developed on the radio to help sell new products?
a) Automobile
b) Advertising
c) Chemical
d) Weaponry

Job competition and the racial tensions of the 1920’s led to the rise in popularity of this organization:
a) CCC
c) KKK
d) UMW

All of the following were presidents of the 1920’s except:
a) Herbert Hoover
b) Calvin Coolidge
c) Woodrow Wilson
d) Warren G. Harding

Americans’ paranoid fear of communism during the early 1920’s was called:
a) The Palmer Raids
b) Commie Fever
c) The Witch Hunt
d) The Red Scare

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