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Mike has $60 dollars to spend. He spent $12.50 to buy a new juicer mixer. He needs to save $20.00, for a CD player that he wants to buy. He wants to buy as many plates as he can. If plates cost $2.50 each, what is the maximum number of plates that
a) 9
b) 10
c) 12
d) 11

Erin has $50. She wants to purchase a cell phone ($20) and spend the rest on music CDs. Each music CD costs $8. Write an inequality for the maximum number of music CDs she can purchase.
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

Rebecca bought one gold fish ($32) and one star fish ($12). She sets aside $24 for loser lessons. .She starts with $80. Each guppy costs $2.50. Write an inequality for the maximum number of guppies she can purchase.
a) 4 guppies
b) 3 guppies
c) 5 guppies
d) 6 guppies

Christina goes to the market with $50. She buys one papaya for $20 and sets aside $10.50 for a movie ticket. If bananas cost $0.79 each, what is the maximum number she can buy
a) 24
b) 25
c) 23
d) 26

Julia has $80. She wants to purchase a nail paint set for $16 and earrings. She spends the rest of the money on earrings. Each pair of pair of earrings costs $8. Write an inequality for the number of pair of earning she can purchase.
a) at most 8
b) at most 7
c) at least 8
d) at least 7

In a drag race, a car is traveling at 50 mph, and the speed of the car is increasing by 88 mph every second. Write an inequality to help determine how many seconds, s, it will take before the car is going more than 300 mph
a) 4 seconds or more
b) 1 second or more
c) 2 seconds or more
d) 3 seconds or more

Your elementary school is having a fall carnival. Admission into the carnival is $3 and each game inside the carnival costs $.25. Write an inequality that represents the possible number of games that can be played having $10. What is the maximum numb
a) at least 28 games
b) at most 28 games
c) at least 20 games
d) at most 20 games

You have $200. At the end of the summer, you want to have at least $50 . If you withdraw $50 the first week of summer and withdraw $30 a week after that, for how many weeks could you withdraw money?
a) 4 or less
b) 2 or less
c) 3 or less
d) 5 or less

Eva has $50. She spent $9.25 per book including tax on the three hunger game books. She needs to set aside $12.00 for a mocking jay pen. If arrows are $1.15 each, what is the maximum number of arrows she can buy?
a) at least 8
b) at most 8
c) less than 8
d) greater than 8

Tom has $40 to spend. He spent $21.40 on a light saber. He needs to set aside $15 for a Yoda t-shirt. If skittles cost $0.48 per package, What is the maximum number of skittles packages he can buy?
a) 7 or less
b) 8 or less
c) 6 or less
d) 5 or less

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