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What is the function of DNA
a) Has instructions for making proteins
b) Controls what enters and leaves the cells
c) Makes energy
d) Captures the energy

What makes a DNA nucleotide?
a) Deoxyribose, Phosphate, Nitrogen Base
b) Sugar, Carbohydrate, Nitrogen Base
c) Ribose, Phosphate, Nitrogen Base
d) Protein, Enzyme, Sugar

What pairs with Adenine in DNA
a) Thymine
b) Adenine
c) Guanine
d) Cytosine

Which of the following pairs with Cytosine
a) Guanine
b) Thymine
c) Adenine
d) Cytosine

What is the purpose of DNA replication
a) to make an exact copy of DNA
b) to make proteins
c) to make RNA
d) to make 4 copies of DNA

Which of the following is NOT a difference between DNA and RNA
a) They have different phosphates
b) They have different Nitrogen Bases
c) They have sugars
d) One is 1 stranded, one is 2 stranded

What makes up the sides of DNA
a) Deoxyribose (sugar) and phosphate
b) Nitrogen base and Phosphate
c) Sugar and nitrogen base
d) ribose and phosphate

What makes up the middle of DNA?
a) Nitrogen Bases
b) Phosphate Group
c) Deoxyribose (sugar)
d) Proteins

What is the shape of DNA
a) Double Helix
b) Single Helix
c) Triple Helix
d) single ladder

What is the shape of RNA
a) single helix
b) Double helix
c) triple helix
d) double ladder

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