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angle A and Angle B are supplementary and angle A and angle C are supplementary which conclusion is valid?
a) angle b and anlge c are supplementary
b) angle b and angle c are complementary
c) angle b and angle c are acute
d) angle b and angle c are congruent

Two angles that add up to 180 degrees are
a) vertical
b) supplementary
c) complementary
d) right angles

Angles that add up to 90 degrees are?
a) complementary
b) supplementary
c) vertical
d) right angles

Oppositie angles that are congruent are considered to be ?
a) Vertical
b) supplementary
c) obtuse
d) complementary

If the hypothesis of a true conditional statement is true, then the conclusion is also trued
a) Law of the trueth
b) Law of detachment
c) law of Syllogism
d) Law of Mr. Smith

If Hypothesis p, then conflusion q if hypothesis q then conclusion r
a) Law of trueth
b) Law of detachment
c) Law of syllogism
d) Law of Mr. Smith

All right angles are congruent
a) Right angle congruence theorem
b) Congruence complements theorem
c) congruent supplements theorem
d) Smitty Theorem

A plane contains atleast how many points?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

If Austin plays on his phone then he doesnt understand his geometry? What is a counterexample to prove this wrong.
a) Austin played on his phone and failed his geometry test
b) Austin played on is phone then got frustrated and stopped working
c) Austin played on his phone then Aced the Geometry test
d) Austin played on his phone then rushed through his test.

What two parts make up a conditional statement?
a) name and conclusion
b) hypothesis and conclusion
c) lines and letter
d) hypothesis and converse

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