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When layers are piled together and pressure is applied what type of new rock is formed?
a) sedimentary rock
b) metamorphic rock
c) igneous rock
d) mineral

What is it called when a mineral easily splits along a flat surface?
a) fossil
b) cleavage
c) luster
d) streak

What is the test called that leaves behind a powder of a mineral?
a) scratch
b) streak
c) weight
d) cleavage

The way a mineral shines is ______________.
a) hardness
b) cleavage
c) luster
d) color

A solid formed in nature that has never been alive or made of material that has been alive?
a) plant
b) mineral
c) bird
d) rock

When one type of rock changes into another type of rock, it is called the _______________.
a) rock cycle
b) meteorites
c) shells
d) weathering

If something is no longer living but has left behind its mark in the rocks, it is known as a _____________.
a) mineral
b) fossil
c) sedimentary rock
d) mountain

An animal that used to be living but is no longer around, it known as being _____________. Dinosaurs are an example of this.
a) metamorphic
b) fossil
c) extinct
d) Palentologist

A solid made up of one or more minerals is called a ______________.
a) mineral
b) rock
c) fossil
d) shell

What can be used to identify a mineral?
a) size, color, streak
b) color, luster, streak
c) streak, cleavage, luster
d) streak, cleavage, color

A scientist who studies rocks is known as a ______________.
a) chemist
b) biologist
c) geologist
d) meteorologist

Which property is used to determine if it is metallic or nonmetallic?
a) luster
b) streak
c) cleavage
d) color

What is the hardest mineral?
a) quartz
b) diamond
c) feldspar
d) talc

What does Mohs scale help us in identifying a mineral?
a) hardness
b) luster
c) cleavage

Feldspar is a 6 on Mohs scale and a fingernail is a 2.5. Can feldspar be scratched by a nai?
a) yes
b) no

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