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Which tense is used to speak about the past?
a) conditional tense
b) present tense
c) preterit tense
d) future tense

What are the irregular verbs in the Future/conditional tense?
a) stem changing verbs
b) pirate verbs
c) chant verbs
d) irregular YO verbs

What are the irregular preterit verbs?
a) pirate verbs
b) stem changing verbs (boot)
c) chant verbs
d) ven, di, sal, haz, ten, ve, pon, sé

What type of stem changing verbs are also irregular in the he/she and they preterit and the ING?
a) all stem changing verbs
b) AR stem changing verbs
c) ER stem changing verbs
d) IR stem changing verbs

In the Future tense, all endings are accented EXCEPT...
a) I
b) you
c) he/she
d) we

In the preterit tense, which verbs are irregular in the he/she and they?
a) all verbs
b) triple vowel verbs and ir stem changers
c) all stem changers
d) car, gar, zar verbs

Which forms of the conditional tense are accented?
a) all of them
b) I and he/she
c) none of them
d) I form only

Which of the following types of verbs are irregular in the ING (progressive tense)?
a) stem changing verbs
b) ir stem changing verbs
c) not any verbs
d) irregular YO verbs

Which of the following is NOT a type of irregular PRETERIT?
a) Pirate Verbs
b) Car, Gar, Zar Verbs
c) Chant Verbs
d) He/She/They verbs

Which of the following share the SAME irregular verbs?
a) present and preterit tenses
b) present and future tenses
c) conditional and future tenses
d) future and preterit tenses

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