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The atomic mass is found by adding the _______________ and ___________________________.
a) electron and protons
b) protons and electrons
c) protons and neutrons
d) electrons and neutrons

Atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons are called?
a) ions
b) isotopes
c) isotoners
d) ionic bond

Ths man created the periodic table?
a) George Washington
b) Dmitri Mendeleev
c) Robert Hooke
d) Marshall Mathers

Currently the periodic table is arranged by increasing atomic ___________?
a) Mass unit
b) Number
c) Bomb
d) Matter

When looking at the periodic table the vertical columns are called ________________________?
a) periods
b) groups
c) masses
d) rows

When looking at the periodic table the horizontal rows are called ________________?
a) periods
b) groups
c) masses
d) rows

The majority of the elements are __________________?
a) metals
b) nonmetals
c) metalloids
d) noble gases

Elements in the same ___________________ have similar properties
a) group
b) period
c) line
d) title

He discovered the atomic nucleus
a) Bohr
b) Rutherford
c) Democritus
d) Thompson

The current accepted theory of atoms came from?
a) Bohr
b) Democtritus
c) Thompson
d) All of the above

Hypothesized that electron travel in fixed orbits
a) Bohr
b) Democtritus
c) Thompson
d) Rutherford

What is the title of this chapter?
a) Chemical changes
b) Physical science
c) Properties of atoms and the periodic table
d) Scientific methods

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